Today, many ladies today have make - up kit and many people have starter - packs. You hear of school starter pack, exercise starter pack and all. Every Christian should have a toolkit also - a prayer kit. Your prayer kit should never be empty. Here are 5 important things that must be found in your prayer kit.

How can you start your prayers or have a good prayer time without a profound worship to God? Worship is part of prayers and must never be found missing in your prayer toolkit


Before you start throwing your requests, you must have thanked God very well. Thanksgiving involves thanking Him for all the good things He has done and it also involves honouring His name. Jesus taught us that in The Lord's prayer   


Now, if you dont know how to speak in tongues, dont force it and dont speak amiss. But it is necessary and important that a fervent christian speaks in tongues. You dont learn it. You get imparted if indeed you are filled with the Holy Ghost. If you think you are filled with the Holy Ghost and you still dont know how to speak in tongues, then pray to God about. It is an important toolkit because it is communication directly to God. The devil doesnt understand it.


There are so many people and so many things to interecede for. There are christians all over the world that are being persecuted. Have you prayed for them? There are churches that are being burnt down. Have you prayed about it? There are christians who are discouraged and backslidding. Have you prayed for them? That friend, family relation or that distant person that is unsaved. Have you prayed for them? The missionaries. Have you prayed for them? The Pastor in your local assembly. Have you prayed for Him or Her? Intercession is a very important and powerful toolkit that every christian must have.


How can we conclude the toolkit without the need to ask God for forgiveness of sins. Jesus taught His disciples in the Lord's Prayer to ask for forgiveness of sins from God even as we forgive others. Remember the prayer of a sinner is an abomination to God. So before you do any other thing, be sure you have sincerely asked God for forgiveness of all your sins.

These prayer toolkits are very important. Rather than spending all your prayer time asking God for a new house, a new car, a spouse, a child, money, good health etc, you can devote that energy into making use of the 5 prayer toolkits listed above. Requests are as well important. Ask God for that thing bothering you with the belief that He has answered and thank Him in advance.       

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