Let's continue the break down of my thoughts concerning Daddy G.O's speech
3. “Don’t marry a girl who is worldly! If you do, you have carried what you’ll worship for the rest of your life!"


This advice is a great word of wisdom and it applies to both sexes. It would mean little or nothing to those outside the faith or those who are not in the faith but are deceiving themselves that they are. All, God will judge and bring to light every man's work. For true believers who are single, this is enough word of wisdom.

The Bible even said we shouldnt associate with darkness because we are light. The two can never work and walk together. Even Prophet Amos through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit asked a food for thought question asking if two can walk together except they agree. A believer and a non - believer cannot walk together because their faith or belief is in conflict.

In essence, just as God told King Solomon not to marry girls from ungodly countries and he refused and these women led him astray away from God which led to his doom, it would be fool - hardy for a believer to see this strong advise as rubbish. Marry a true believer and how will you know? Consult the one who searches deep into the heart and sees the intent of every man - GOD!

 4. “Don’t marry a man who has no job. Before God gave Adam Eve, he gave him a job. He said, ‘This is the garden, keep it.’ So when anybody comes to you and say, ‘Sister, thus saith the Lord, you are going to be the star in my firmament,’ ask him — ‘What is your job?’


This is enough word of wisdom barely looking at the way the world has turned out to be - VERY TOUGH. However, for we believers, when there is a casting down, there is an automatic lifting up for us due to the mercy and favour of God upon our lives as His chosen people. Nevertheless, that doesnt mean we should be foolish.

Really, sisters, what is a jobless man looking for in marriage? I know many would wanna sympathize. I do sympathize too but until you get your self fixed, you can hardly fix a home. You dont need to get an Oil and Gas Job. Even if na shoe maker job, my dear, job na job. Seriously, get busy. That's why the Bible taught us financial wisdom using the ants who store for the rainy days. If ants could be that wise, what are we using our brains to do?

A lazy man will be a burden and a problem. Firstly, get a job and at least, have a substantial amount of money in your bank account before thinking of crowning that sister's finger with a ring.

In essence, this is a very reliable advice for both believers and non - believers alike. A man before thinking of marriage should be capacitated enough to at least feed two mouth. But if after marriage he loses his job, that is understandable. And it is absolutely different from someone who doesnt have a job at all before crossing the border. At least the one who has job but lost it, tried. It is well.

Tomorrow, we will discuss the remaining 6 points. Have a blessed evening!

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