And finally, we shall be discussing the last two things Pastor Adeboye said. If you didnt follow up on the first, second, third and fourth episode, please refer to the archives. So lets continue.
9. "The youths don’t respect an elder that looks like them. You are supposed to be their guiding light after they have fooled around.”


This is sequential to the last thing he said before whereby he warned his Pastors against growing big and long beards. Indeed, the youths dont respect an elder that looks like them. At first, they might be excited and see it as swag and they would love it but sooner or later, they will see him as an 'agbaya' and would not appreciate him any longer. They wont see him as someone who can advice them since he is no different from them physically.

In essence, it is expected of an elder to be very matured in all his doings which includes - dressing, speech, advice etc. How would you feel if you see your Pastor with heavy beard (well, there are many Lagos Pastors growing that already - especially the youth Pastors in big churches), wearing distressed Jeans, face cap and blings?

10. "No RCCG pastor should be seen to be involved in arranging marriages among brethren in the church."


This isnt even doctrinal but it is just common sense. Why should you be arranging marriages in the first place?

In essence, most of the things Daddy G.O said are laid down principles for his Pastors and Spiritual Children. You might be attending RCCG but might not be his spiritual child. A spiritual child is always obedient. So if you know you arent, then dont scream at those who are his Pastors and spiritual children because he wasnt obviously talking to you.

Most Importantly, everyone must be careful with the way they throw tantrums. He is a man of God whether you believe it or not. God doesnt joke with his children. If you dont accept anything he has said and you think you are wiser, keep it to yourself rather than abusing him. He anyways said something on the Sunday of the Convention. He thanked all those who dont like him and prayed that God will reward them. You might be laughing but I tell you, its a very dangerous prayer. 

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