Sweet Morning, dearies. Hope the night was cold and cool. It was quite cold at my side and at the same time, cool. Last week, I spent entirely half of my week at the Redemption Camp, RCCG (THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD). Last week was our 64th annual convention themed 'AMEN'. It was such a notable experience and on Friday, we all had the opportunity to visit the new auditorium sited at Simawa which is still on Lagos/ibadan Expressway.
To be frank, that auditorium is really big. If you are fat or obese and you wanna loose weight ehn, all you need is to walk round the auditorium once for the next one week and you will be suprised at the result not to talk of when the auditorium is fully completed.

However, as beautiful as the auditprium looks, there is still a lot that needs to be done. If you attend Redeem Church or not, you can always be a part of the project by supporting it in cash or in kind. It is time to express that giving the Bible always talked about.

It is worthy to note that no one obliged me to do this. The church didnt obligate me to clamour for support but as a good member who is concerned, I feel we have good people and good readers on this blog. No matter how little the cash is, it would be duly appreciated by the Church.

You can simply log onto That is the Church's website. You will see a place on the right slated 'online giving'. Now, I am not too sure if that is the button to press. Anyway, you can simply submit the money to any Redeem Church in your area informing the Pastor that the money is for the RCCG New Auditorium support.

If not, you can use the website. Now, be weary of scam and scammers. Dont mistakenly send your money to anybody's account ooo or hand in hand. BE WISE!

And God will bless you even as you support the ongoing project.

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