Many of us wonder how people who pray so hard and who fast relentlessly and who know the Bible deeply were able to achieve that feat. Indeed, it is a feat. These kind of people are not ones to be struggling with sins like tiny lies or hate or malice. We begin to wonder and deeply wonder if we will ever be that close to God. Well, I have come to tell you the good news - it is very possible! Its all about the little things that add up.
It all starts from being determined to follow Christ and never look back. Its all about deciding not to be an off and on christian - one who is so devoted today and tomorrow, clubbing at the party. It is all about deciding to to take your gaze off the world and focus on God. What are the little things that could add up to make you strong in Christ?

  1. A little prayer everyday - It could be for 5 minuites since for now, you cannot pray for so long. You might get tired or repititive since you are just starting. So start with a 5 minuites prayer everyday
  2. A little reading of the word - You could pick any book of the Bible and start a study of it. It could be by reading just one verse of the book everyday or an entire chapter everyday.
  3. A little worship session - You could give yourself out to worship God for 5 minuites if it is an 'alone time' singing your favourite gospel songs or the beautiful worship songs you hear in church, deeply pondering on the lyrics not the tune. You could do this while you are attending to your chores like washing the dishes, cooking, tending the garden, working at your office.
  4. A little Christian book reading - Rather than that romantic novel, getting a christian book from the study or library would do. You could decide to read just one page of the book everyday.
  5. A little meditation - Meditating could include spending a time to think upon God's goodness. Since you are new, this time could be perfect for you in the evening. If you really dont know what to think of, think of all the good things God has done for you and others. This will strongly strengthen your faith
You really dont have to start praying for ten hours in a day so as to feel close to God. God is everywhere and He is closer to you than you can imagine. All you need to do is do the little things that add up everyday from now on and when you look back months after, you will be suprised at your tremendous progress. The Lord is your strength!

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