When we claim to love someone, the saying -

    'Its easier said than done'

comes into play. When you love someone, you will want to do whatever that person tells you to do. Obedience is a major factor. You will not want to do anything that will hurt the person. Uncompromising is a major factor. This applies to God big time. I will give you two major scenarios that buttresses my point on the Test of Time. I must tell you, this is something every Christian face. You say you love God? You will be tested! You say you can do anything for Him? You will be tested! You say you can give up your life for Him? will be tested! The test is just to know the extent of you might not end up dying so dont be so scared. Let's read these two true life stories. The names are not the real names for privacy purpose.

Lenrie just resumed back to school. She was elated and couldnt wait to see her friends. Home had been boring and she was so ready to leave the house soon. However, her parents were suffering from a major financial backdrop. They really didnt have any money to give her for her feeding or school fees. After much thought, they consulted her elder brothers who were working already and leaving far from home. They agreed to give her money for her school fees and feeding. 
The next day, her parents drove her down to the bus stop where she would board a bus going to her school. On their way, lenrie's mom warned her vehemently to pay her school fees immediately she got to school. Her father gave her same warning reminding her of the current situation they were facing. Lenrie simply nodded. She had other plans.
Lenrie got to school. She had always wanted to get a Samsung Grand Duo phone because her phone was very bad. She had a friend who was selling it and reduced the price for her because it was fairly used. She assumed she will buy the phone with her school fees money and later save up over the month to pay her school fees since the deadline wasnt closing any sooner.
Due to her recklessness, she didnt buy the phone. Instead, she started wasting the money on herself and friends. She got herself a little fan and got herself a pizza. She also got her friend a pizza. She was living the life. She really didnt forget about the phone but she simply calculated that she would save up to buy it later.
Days went and the entire money finished. She did some clean business and was expectant of some money. She would use the money to pay her school fees. Unfortunately, no money came by even after she kept calling. Months began to roll by and the deadline got closer. Fear creeped into her heart. She needed to do something real quick. She started telling people about it but everyone replied in the negative with the excuse that they were also suffering the aftermath of the country's economic recession.
She told her far friends but avoided telling close friends since she didnt want to be judged. It got so bad that she began crying in her room. She tilted towards telling her new friends. One of her new friends advised her to lie to her parents. She firstly succumbed and lied to them but she rememberd she was a Christian and quickly shoved the idea off and told her parents that it was simply a joke. 
The deadline was very near now. It was just two weeks more. Her parents assumed she had paid. Every other person assumed the same thing. Only few people knew. She thought of so many things and the major thing that came to her mind was to  attempt prostitution for just one night. At least, no one would know. That was her only saving grace. She needed to pay up so as not to be kicked out of school. Prostitution was the way. She thought of so many tricks she would use. She really didnt want to do it. She finally resisted the devil and broke down in tears.
She told God she was sorry and begged Him to send her a helper regardless of who it may be. She loved God and had realized her mistake. She didnt want to attempt anything that would not please God.
She made up her mind not to sleep with anyone. She kept on telling people. Some guys wanted to take advantage of her befiore giving her the money but she refused. She was scrolling through her phone one day and saw the number of a photographer she met a year before. Obviously, the photographer seemed broke. Little did she know that he was the helper God would send to her.
Reluctantly, she dialled his number and the man came visiting. They spoke for a while and he told her he was also broke. She left him disappointed but still believing God. Later on, he called her to see him which she did and they began talking. The photographer was a deep Christian. He advsied and prayed with her. He gave her Bible verses and told her to trust in the Lord. 
She held unto it and kept on praying. It was remaining a week now and she stil trusted God amidst tears. She was about leaving for class one monday when the man called her to come. She took a bike to his photography place and he told her he wanted to take her picture. She laughed and went to pose. He snapped her for a while and then brought out a white envelope and gave it to her as he continued to snap. 
Lenrie was curious about the content of the envelope. The photographer didnt want anyone to notice it but lenrie curiously opened it and found the exact amount for her school fees. She couldnt hold back the tears that ran down her cheeks. She ran to the back of a building and cried hard. The photographer was happy as well.
The way he got the money was miraculous. He reminded her that God has always told His children to trust in Him alone. She kept on thanking him but he told her to thank God instead. After much thanksgiving, she ran off to pay her school fees.

From the story above, we can see that Lenrie made a mistake. She really didnt deserve it but God is forever merciful only if we will come sober and repent. He will forgive! Even after she repented, the test of time for her came. She knew God had forgiven her but there wasnt any helper in the picture. She started contemplating prostituition for a night. At least, no one would know. Only she and God. That was a great temptation looking at the turnout of things and the deadline in view. However, she decided to stick to God and shoved off the temptation. She trusted God and He eventually provided a helper at the last minuite!

What are you trusting God for? Even if it doesnt seem coming, keep trusting Him. It might just be your own test of time for all the Love and obedeience you proclaim. Many people faced the test of time in the Bible.

The Three Hebrew Boys faced theirs. But they determined never to bow down to any god whether God saves them or not. In their situation, help wasnt even in view. The fiery furnace was instead in view. Infact, God didnt interfere when they were been thron inside. Another person could have shouted

    'Okay o. I will bow down o. It seems God has neglected us.'

But no, they trusted God even as they entered and He showed up mightily!

Job was tested. He was a faithful servant of God and was obedient. Still, everything he had was taken away from him. Someone else would have become an atheist because of this. They would say

   'Imagine, I am serving God with everyting I have. Yet, He took it all away from me. He must be wicked indeed. Infact, there is no God'

But Job didnt say that even when his wife told him to curse God and die. He was tortured with sickness yet he trusted God and God intervened mightily by blessing him abundantly!

Naomi trusted God.

Hannah trusted God.

The disciples of Jesus amidst the persecution trusted God.

None of them compromised.

Are you still trusting God or you have compromised?

Dont fail in your own test. The Lord is your strength!

1Corinthians 10 vs. 13

 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

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