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I've been studying the book of Deuteronomy for a while now. Its a really beautiful book, I must say. One thing I got from Chapter 27 was the aspect of altar building. This took me down memory lane and how God had always insisted that the people build an altar for Him. Now, we are no longer Old testamental christians but New testamental christians and we would wonder if these altars still have any significance. I tell you, they really do!

The most popular altar emphasized is the Family Altar. The father and mother organizes a prayer time with the entire family where worship, prayers and the word is said. I remember when I was much younger. Our family altar used to be strong. We would pray every morning and I was often excited. However, I remember my siblings sleeping almost all the time because they had a short night rest - our family altar was always very early in the morning.

But reading chapter 27, I realized that it is very important that we as individuals should create a personal altar for ourselves. We shouldnt just rely on the family altar. We all grow up at some point and so many factors could contribute to we being apart from our family for a while or so. How then would we cope? We need a personal altar where we do the conventional things done when we are with our family - Worship, Pray, Read the word and pray.

It really doesnt even have to be done the conventional way. We could introduce new things like listening to uplifting gospel songs, singing a hymn, studying God's word of course, listening to sermons etc. Our personal altar could be utilised in 30 minuites or a hour before we start the day or before we go to bed. Preferrably, before we start the day. This is because we might be feeling sleepy at night and decide to skip it till the next day.

A personal altar is very important and every christian must have one. If we can succeed well in our personal altars, we have won the fight already. It is another way of self - building spiritually. If you dont have one, create one today. Choose a comfortable time you will stick to. Set an alarm and do not procastinate. You could write out the order of service. Preferrably, let the Holy Spirit lead you. God bless you!

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