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Except it has become a habit, starting out a prayer lifestyle is not as easy as it seems. Many times, too many people end up getting discouraged. However, I have come to discover that it is easier making other things a priority than prayers. I will explain. When I decided to go deep into prayers, I discovered that some other things were always coming up such as sleep, late time, meals, tiredness, work, having no private place to pray etc. So, it soon got off the hook.

However, I decided to begin early morning jogging every morning in order to keep very fit. I inserted it in my mind and because I was detemined, it was very easy for me to put it into action. I would wake up by 6am and jog till 7am, resting at intervals. It was a major sacrifice because I love my sleep but I had to sacrifice it because I wanted to be fit and I was determined again. Making that decision, it dawned on me that I really was treating my spiritual life with pure levity.

Many of us are very lazy when it comes to prayers because we really aren't determined to pray and if we are determined to pray, we aren't determined to fight to pray. The devil will not decide to come inbetween our morning jogging or dieting or any other thing or habit we start craving because it really isn't his business as long as you aren't using it to lessen the population of his kingdom. But the day you decide to start sharing christian fliers as you do your early morning jogging, he will fight and fight you. He will make you jog and fall or almost get hit by a power bike on high speed.

The same thing applies to prayers. He knows that by praying, you are automatically building yourself spiritually, so, he will fight and keep fighting you. He will bring in all sort of distraction. The time you set for your prayers is when he will make your favourite soap opera begin playing, that's when the house will be bubbling with noise, that's when you will remember you have work to do, kids to cater for, that's when sleep will come in and you wouldn't want to cheat mother nature, that's when you will get hungry or that's when you will get tired and the spirit of procastination will come over you.

This is what happens to so many christians including those who now have it as a habit. However, knwing that the devil is only trying to fight and frustrate us, we have to be more determined and keep pressing. We have to tell it to God because human strength will only fail. We have to set that alarm clock, get our Bibles handy and get off our comfort zone when the alarm starts ringing, taking every distraction off our mind as the strategy of the devil and march into our war room to deal with the case at hand. God will be proud of us indeed. The devil will flee in several ways!

So what are you doing right now? Have you prayed yet? The day isn't over. You can pray now or set that alarm clock and pray and pray and pray till something happens. God is waiting for you. God is listening!

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