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From experience, sharing the gospel with friends is far harder than sharing the gospel with strangers especially if you are among unbelieving friends or is it non - believing friends? Also, if you are not noted for doing that, it may sound odd and the chances that you will laughed at and made to look very stupid is high. Yet, the chances that you will be listened to and thanked for chipping the gospel in is as well very high.

One thing I enjoy doing is going with a group of people whenever we are told to go for evangelism in church. Infact, going alone is not a problem as long as I am going to share it with total strangers. What happens if I meet a friend on the way or a crush? Whoosh! Many would be very quick to hide their Bible and church pamphlet or flier. This shouldn't be. We should be in no way ashamed of sharing the gospel with friends. Its synonymous to being ashamed of Christ. Yes, it is!

Luke 9 vs. 6

 Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.

Infact, before we start thinking of walking up to a total stranger, we must have settled the gospel with friends. Your friends should know you as a born again Christian. You shouldn't be known as just a church goer. The Light of God must shine in you and shine forth. So how do you do this?

  • Chip it in discussions - This has been my most used method and I tell you, it works! There are scriptures you can chip in. Biblical encouragements you can chip in. Words of faith you can chip in. For example, the recent talk in my country is that Nigeria is spoilt and corrupt and can never be revived. Rather than agree with such non - biblical statement, I could just say - I don't believe that. God has a plan and purpose for this country and the best we can do now is to pray for it rather than complain. Notice the keyword 'PRAY', 'GOD', 'PLAN', 'PURPOSE'. This could spur more biblical related questions and that's how you get them.
  •  Take advantage of situations - Many times, our friends could be passing through situations capable of pulling them down. Rather than ignoring them or blaming it on the government as many people in my country today would do, you can take advantage of the situation. For example, you can say - Oh, Rita, you look sad. I want you to know that no matter what you are going through, God hasn't forgotten you. He is with you and if you will just call unto Him, He will show Himself strong. He loves you so much. You can even add the Bible verse that says when we pass through fire, He will still be with us. Some other times, they may be the ones to come and meet us for assistance or just to talk to about their situation. After lending them financial assistance, you can simply encourage them. For example, Gabriel, even as I give you this money, I want you to know that God will send helpers to you from every direction. He will supply your needs according to His riches in Glory. His word says we will lend to nations. You will never lack. This could be mesmerizing and funny but I tell you, they will go back and think upon those words.
  • Send them messages - We are in the age of technology. We can utilise these social media to reach out to friends. I do this a lot. I used to send christian bcs every morning and evening to all my contacts on whatsapp. You can do same with your whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Snapchat etc rather than just uploading pictures about our day. Just a short message can ginger them to God for the rest of the day. Just a little remindal to pray and read their Bible. A remindal of God's immense love for them and that He hasn't forgotten them can go a long way. An important remindal that He is coming back to take us all home from this sinful world could win their hearts.
  • Walk up to them - This is a great task, I tell you but it is worth it. At times, the Holy Spirit could prompt us to walk up to them and share His light with them. That friend that parties and clubs every now and then. That friend that womanises and drinks to forget his sorrow. That friend that curses or even that friend that is redeemed in Christ. You really never know. Walk up to them and tell them about God. They may laugh but don't be discouraged.
  • Correct them with the gospel - I have friends that curse a lot at the slightest offence. It will make a lot of sense if I simply correct them that God doesn't want us to swear or curse. Our hearts, thoughts and speech should be pure and holy, filled with love.
There are so many other ways but the most important thing is to be led by the Holy Spirit. Pray to God to lead you. Take note of keywords. You don't need to beat about the bush. Just one statement can go a long way and make people reminisce and run back to their maker. Another important things is for you to practise what you preach so that you won't be looked upon as a hypocrite. Just your lifestyle can draw people to Christ and that same lifestyle can draw people away from Christ. May God help us in Jesus Name!

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