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I was at a friend's place some weeks ago. He's a very good and close friend of mine. So we were discussing and all when he brought up the subject about his girlfriend. Well, fiancee. For a while, they have been having serious problem and he would tell me about it awaiting advice while I give him a piece of advice from the little I know. Today, however, his talk was different.

Initially, he told me that he has already told different people - spiritual people - about the young lady and they all concurred to the arrangement. They listened, prayed about it and told him that they got a confirmation from God that she is the one. This gave him inner peace. There is nothing as beautiful as getting confirmatory messages about the person you are planning to spend your life with. Confirmatory messages from people close to God, you think.

This therefore made him dedicate his whole to her. The lady on the other hand has a whole lot of commas on her own side but that is none of my business as no individual is perfect. The part that struck me was when he told me that the girl told him that she has a spirit husband and that the spirit husband is always watching her - them. He said he has carried her for deliverance before and she would scream so loud and start behaving like a creature - animalic creature. He said his pastor even said her power is in her stomach and perhaps, she has a marinelike spirit.

After telling me all these, I wanted to jump into conclusion but I was cautious because he told me earlier that people have confirmed the girl to him. This brings me to the brief topic today. Who should you listen to? Concerning your life, your business, your relationship, your career, your kids, your finances, who should you listen to?

It is advisable that when we have problems, we should pray about it and also tell it to our spiritual mentors like our Pastors, Spiritual friends etc. But then, there are some apparent situations and we have to be careful of who we listen to. I told my friend to go and pray again. It is not enough that a hundred people have told him YES. Has God said YES personally to you? You are dealing with someone with a familiar spirit and because people have said YES, you want to tie the knot? Isn't that synonymous to walking into fire because people are saying it won't hurt or that's the right direction?

At times, people get wrong messages and visions that aren't from God. Who told you the devil doesn't also give messages? If there is any situation that you are waiting on God to deal with, aside from telling it to others, go on your own personal prayer and let God speak to you and make sure it is God speaking and not your mind or the devil. It might also be that the lady is the right person for him and God will use him to deliver her. However, I want him to wait on God and hear God for himself. The people you listen to matter! After listening to others, before you accept, LISTEN TO GOD. Hear Him speak!

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Imaobong said...

This is a common mistake too many believers make
We always need to go through our pastor, or spiritual leader, to get to our God
That was for the people of the Old Testament that would need one holy priest to go into the Holy of Holies for them
We have Grace today, we have the Holy spirit to guide and comfort, we have direct access to the Father through Jesus
But we forget this too often

Great blog btw, I love what you're doing!

Emete Smart said...

Exactly Imabong. God bless you ma.

Thank you!