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Hey Guys! Sorry for being so far away. Actually, I check my blog's dashboard more than I post and the major reason is because of school and some other projects I am working on. I will gist you all in the next post. For now, let's focus on how social media which seems like a great distraction in every area can suprisingly strengthen one's spiritual growth.

  1. FOLLOW CHRISTIAN PEOPLE - Many days when I am seriously down and I get so lazy to pray or read my Bible and I just wanna instead facebook, twitter or instagram, there is this ginger that comes rushing back when I stumble on my account, especially my Instagram account. This is because I follow Christian people a lot. Before, I used to do the beyonce, kardashian, wizkid, tiwasavage thing but I realized that these people do not help me in any way. So, I unfollowed them and started following Christian people. Trust me, their accounts are always 90% christian post and 10% their life and this is what I totally need. This is what draws me back to God when the devil tries to play in. 
  2. FOLLOW CHRISTIAN PAGES - It might be a bit hard figuring out christian people, but you can follow christian pages. It's very easy to get them. You can just search the hashtag christian posts (#christianposts) and so many pages and people will come in. That's for instagram and twitter. On facebook, you can use related keywords to christian pages and like them. This way, your timeline is filled with pages and pictures that edify. Infact, you can be so filled that you will leave your gadget to pray and read God's word.
  3. SUBSCRIBE TO CHRISTIAN WEBSITES AND BLOGS - Whenever you subscribe to a christian website or a christian blog, you will get email notifications whenever they have a new post on their website or blog. Thereby, you are not leftout. So whenever you carry your phone, you get notified and redirected to the site to read words and articles that edify. So firstly, you have to get your email activated on your phone or pad and subscribe to as many christian blogs as you know. You can start by subscribing to this blog. The subscribe widget of most websites and blogs are many times on their side - bar or below the website and the reigning one is the pop - up subscribe widget. Keep subscribing!
  4. JOIN CHRISTIAN GROUPS - There are so many christian groups online. Through this groups, you are availed to meet more christian friends who would be totally glad to chat you up, pray with you, discuss God's word with you and keep it strictly acquitance. These groups help a lot. You can also join christian whatsapp groups. I know so many youths in my country are more acquainted with whatsapp. Rather than wake up to over a thousand unread messages from gossip groups, you can wake up to messages that will draw you closer to God. Groups where you can share your experience and ask questions on how to grow in the Lord. You can create one yourself and add up all your christian friends and mentors.
  5. SUBSCRIBE TO CHRISTIAN VIDEOS - This is applicable to youtube users and any other application that deals with videos. Rather than sit all day watching the vlogs you missed or the films you missed on youtube or the amebo gist, you can watch videos of christian preachers and even subscribe to their pages.
So far, these five have been very useful to me for my spiritual growth and I know it would be very useful to you as well. Is there any other way social media has helped your spiritual growth in one way or the other? Please share with us in the comment section. Shallom!

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