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My Pastor said something on sunday...some sundays back that struck me. He said,

    'The Bible says and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. But there is a high possibility that you will know the truth and you won't still be set freee if you decide not to accept the truth'

As simple as it looks and sounds, this is a great truth! There are so many people who have heard the gospel of Christ and have not changed one bit. Two people can hear the gospel - one will change and the other won't. What then could contribute to this? But the person that didnt change has heard and known the truth, why hasn't he been set free yet?

Two people can be chronic masturbators. They will both receive the truth. One will be delivered while the other may even get worse. What could contribute to this? Is it that God is bias or something? Before you start wondering and thinking, let's start with you. Yes, YOU!

When was the first time you heard the gospel of Christ? Okay, when did you give your life to Christ? From then till now, has there been any significant change in your lifestyle, prayer life, relationship, attitude, expression, evangelism etc? Okay, why is the result relatively poor? And if it's not poor, Glory to God! But if it is, why is that? Why do you still secretly download porn and masturbate? Why do you still fornicate and club yet you will be one of the lousiest praying person every sunday?

Why do you still gossip with friends and speak ill of people? Why do you still have unforgiveness, hatred and malice in your heart? Does it look like you have been set free yet even when you know the truth?

Isaiah 4 vs. 18

 Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:

The Bible verse above explains the situation of things. When you receive Christ, you receive the life of God but so many people claim to have received Christ but do not have or exhibit the life of God in them. Why? The Bible says because of the ignorance in them and the blindness of their hearts. Another verse says their hearts are hardened. They by themselves do not want to change or be freed.

So it's possible you will hear the truth and know the truth but due to the hardness of your heart, you might not change. For there to be a change and freedom, there has to be an emptiness. You have to let go of the devil and cling to God. You have to accept God and all He has to offer. You have to be obedient and not be ashamed to proclaim Christ even when the world laughs at you and freinds leave you. You have to avail yourself. Have you been set free?

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