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For a while now, I have been trying to avoid the issue of relationship as a topic for whatever reason. However, I have decided to treat it today at last. It's not just the conventional relationship topic but its something that is very important as many christians find themselves in a fix, having to struggle with a partner who isnt on the same spiritual level with them.

Relationship between a man and a woman is very important - of utmost importance. This is the period whereby you both get to discover yourselves better before you finally tie the knot. It is the most delicate part of anybody's life because the decision you make can either make or mar you.

I met a lady about last week and we had such a long discuss. She really enjoyed my company and decided to venture into telling me about her relationship and how the guy she was with wasn't so much a lover of God while she is a fervent christian. I also once had a friend who was a worker in church while the guy she was hooked with wasn't even close to God by half. Yet, these ladies are christians.

Is this kind of relationship advisable?, one may tend to ask. Can you really fix such a partner who has no flare for God? Now, on the issue of flare, it is on different levels. Some may have a little flare for God while some may have none at all. If such sisters take their relationship matter to their spiritual head, there is a tendency that the popular bible verse of not being unequally yoked with an unbeliever may be quoted as well as the popular Amos 3 vs. 3 where a question of agreement is asked.

The end product and advice such sisters would get would be to leave such a partner. Now, what if this partner is very caring, supportive, infact, 100% in every other area but God? Should a breakup still be considered? Let's dissect it with these questions

  1. Why did you go into the relationship?
  2. Did you pray about the relationship?
  3. Did you know your partner was spiritually weak before entering the relationship?
  4. Did you suppose he/she would get better with time but the reverse is the case?
  5. Is the person always speaking against God or is the person just showing sheer laziness?
  6. Does the person support your relationship with God?

Having answered all these questions, you would be able to tell for yourself if your partner is fixable or not. Now, only God has the power to fix a person. It is very possible that with the right support, love and care and a little chastise, your partner would begin to see the light. With more and severe prayers, your partner would be set free by the truth of God's word. Just make sure you are not screaming it into their ears or making it look like a burden. Your smile and patience could be heart melting. Your sweet words could be life changing.It is also possible that your partner might be strong - headed and refute change. In this case, it is advisable to flee.

You cannot just wake up one morning and decide to break up with the person. You must also be sure you yourself practice what you preach as that can be a form of evangelism to them as well. How patient are you or how patient have you been? These things take time. Have you been praying for him or her? Have you been giving soothing advice? Have you been encouraging him/her to pray and attend church service as well as read his/her Bible? Has there been any significant change and you are very sure its not mere pretense? Then, such a partner with the help of God could be fixable. You really dont know what God is set to do with the destiny of such a partner.

However, have you been trying so hard that it has now turned into a struggle? That's a red flag. You should stop at this point and flee. But don't stop praying for such a person. No matter the love, God must be placed first and it takes a man who loves God to love you truly with the fear of God in his heart. Can you really fix your partner?

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